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The Trade and Service Company ADI TRADE provides comprehensive  cleaning and disinfection services, using ozone technology that is little known in Poland,  but widely used in the world.

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O firmie

The Trade and Service Company ADI TRADE  provides a wide range of purification and disinfection services   using ozone technology that is little known in Poland, but widely used in the world. We offer our customers e.g.

  • Removal of odours (e.g. cigarette smoke, human and animal odours, burning, mustiness)
  • Liquidation of viruses and bacteria from the air
  • Protection against insects and rodents
  • Removing mould and fungi
  • Cleaning of ventilation and air conditioning
  • Removal of allergens and mites from rooms (deacarisation)

We use  high-quality and high-performance professional ozone generators,  produced by leading Polish manufacturers. 

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Test Results – Air Disinfection Efficiency Assessment

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About ozone

Certainly, ozone (O3) is nothing more than  only oxygen (O2) with an additional oxygen atom. The additional oxygen atom is formed  under the influence of electrical discharge from the disintegration of oxygen molecules. 

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About ozone

Prof. dr hab. Stanisław Ignatowicz

Presentation - the use of ozone

Is it possible to combat pests relevant for sanitation using ozone?

Ozone - article

Certainly, ozone (O3) is nothing more than  only oxygen (O2) with an additional oxygen atom. The additional oxygen atom is formed  under the influence of electrical discharge from the disintegration of oxygen molecules.

Ozone is formed naturally:

  • under the influence of UV radiation (ozone layer)
  • during storms and near waterfalls

The characteristic "fresh, clean, spring" smell in the storm is the result of naturally formed ozone due to lightning. 

Ozone can also be produced using  the so-called ozone generators that generate ozone by electric discharge. The source gas may be atmospheric air  or pure oxygen. To produce pure oxygen one can use  concentrators (separators) of oxygen for the concentration of oxygen from air.  Higher concentrations of ozone can be achieved if pure oxygen is used  as the source gas, e.g. from oxygen tanks.

Ozone acts as an oxidant.  When a statically loaded ozone molecule (O3) comes into contact with an element that can be oxidized, the ozone molecule will immediately become an oxygen molecule. This is because ozone is highly unstable and quickly reverts to  its original form of oxygen (O2). Ozone can oxidize  all types of materials, including unpleasant odour  components (breaking the fragrance chain) and microorganisms such as  viruses, fungi and bacteria. When ozone is activated, the additional oxygen atom is released from the molecule and is bound to the other material on which the ozone  works. What is left is a pure and stable oxygen molecule. 

An important feature of ozone is that it does not  conceal odours, but permanently deletes them (destroying volatile  particles carrying scents). 

Ozone is one of the strongest  available oxidants. The additional atom in the ozone molecule binds  (oxidation) in a split second to every component that comes into contact with it  and is therefore one of the most effective disinfectants. The bactericidal effect of ozone is about 50 times stronger and 3,000 times faster than chlorine.

Ozone can be used for various  cleaning and disinfection purposes. The main advantage of ozone is its  "pure" nature, because it leads to the oxidation of the material  with virtually no unwanted or harmful products. Due to its strong, recognizable odour, it can be perceived in very low concentrations. It makes working with ozone safe.


Ozone is one of the most effective  known disinfectants. It is an allotropic variety of oxygen  occurring in all states of matter. The gaseous state is  blue and has a characteristic pungent odour. Ozone is a strong oxidant  It is commonly used for the removal of chemical contaminants,  disinfection, deodorization and deacarisation of rooms as well as in  water treatment, or as a disinfectant agent.

Due to the features of the active oxygen the ozone technology can be used for example to:

  • remove unpleasant odours (e.g. cigarette smoke, human and animal odours, burning, mustiness, phenols, etc.).
  • eliminate viruses and bacteria from the air
  • protect against insects and rodents (ozone drives them out, eliminating scent paths)
  • removing mould and fungi
  • cleaning air conditioning and ventilation

Legionella bacteria in plants


Ozone from an ozone generator  disinfects the air in the room and its furnishings,  reducing the risk of bacterial, viral infection. The ozonation not  only sterilizes the room, but also completely removes the mould and  fungi. The use of ozone in the intake ducts of a ventilation and air conditioning systems eliminates the threat of  Legionellosis, as we know, the most serious infectious agent in  the hotel industry.

Medical use of ozone


The use of ozone in hospitals,  clinics, operating theatres, treatment rooms,  dentist’s surgeries, corridors prevents infections and  poisoning.



Equipment disinfection, removing odours.

Ozone good for all


Ozone simultaneously refreshes and decontaminates air conditioning systems in cars without the use of chemicals, it remove all odours  (mustiness, tobacco, animal odours, etc.) from inside the car.



Pre-season disinfection and refreshing of cabins, tents, sailing boats and motor yachts.



theatres, cinemas, casinos, hospitals, schools, nursery schools, playgrounds etc.



The ozonation sterilizes, removes algae, purifies, makes the water fully transparent.



The ozonation of trucks, buses,  coaches, trams, taxis and other vehicles removes completely  odours from the interior, while sterilizing ventilation and air conditioning systems  of the vehicles.



The ozonation in animal husbandry prevents infectious diseases and removes typical odours.



The ozonation of the sites of the fire removes the smell of burning. Efficiency ~ 99%.



The service consists in ozoning the room  where corpses are prepared for burial. Sterilization of rooms and cold stores, and  vehicle preparation.

Ozone in allergy


Ozone permanently removes allergens from the room.  More than 300,000 people in our country are allergic to house dust.  They cannot stay in dusty rooms. Allergic reactions are caused by  allergens found in the droppings of house dust mites on small  dust particles. The allergens are carbohydrate-related peptides. Ozone  destroys them effectively, and also reduces the growth of house dust mites.


Ozone in the food industry


Gastronomy is widely understood catering services. This applies to restaurants, fish and chip shops,  pizzerias, bars, ice cream parlours. Ozone disinfects air in rooms and the equipment,  while reducing the risk of a bacterial or viral infection.  It also removes the unpleasant smell produced during food preparation.



The ozonation of rooms and fresh fish completely eliminates the odour and keeps them fresh several times longer.



The ozonation premises where  fruit is stored keeps them fresh several times longer. The ozonation also removes the remnants of pesticides from fruits and vegetables.



The use of ozone in the rooms where meat is processed, through the sterilization of the atmosphere, greatly improves sanitation.  The feedstock and finished product staying in the atmosphere containing  ozone are resistant to bacterial and viral infections.  Periodical ozonation of transport cars used for the transport of meat and meat products,  increases the protection  against the infection of the goods. The ozonation of cutting rooms,  showcases and sales rooms at the butcher’s extends the shelf life of meat and meat products as it keeps them fresh for longer. Another advantage is the persistent fresh scent in the shop, devoid of the typical odour of rotting meat.

Selected aspects of building mycology

The ozonation destroys moulds and fungi that develop after floods, including their fronds and mycelia.

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